Android’s Marketplace reaches one Billion downloads

The race to app supremacy was seemingly started by Apple, but is sure going to be seen through by its best competition. The little green Android that we have come recognize so easily has recently taken some jabs at Apples dominance within industry.

Apps are cash cows, Apple reported billions of dollars in profit from their app store and recorded a million app downloads from their store in just April of last year.  Apples app store carries over 200k apps, while Androids market place is coming closer to 100k every day. An interesting fact about Androids app market is that 61 percent of the apps on the market are available for free, while only 28 percent of the apps on Apples app store are free.  In just this year alone there have been an upward of 15k apps added to the Android market place, the previous year showed that just under 2k apps were added to the market place. The numbers surrounding the Android app market are staggering from year to year, and insinuate an amazing rate of growth on the Android platform.

Androids Market place was first introduced to the public about two years ago and reports are coming in today that the market has recently surpassed the 1 billion apps downloaded mark. This is an amazing milestone for the app store and is pure evidence that the market for Android powered devices is growing fast.  According to comScore Android devices are now responsible for about 13 percent of the mobile smart phones in the United Sates and smart phone ownership in the country has grown about 8 percent in the past three months.

When adding all these numbers up, you gets the fact that the Android platform is on the up and up. With marks as impressive as these you will see Android OS going nowhere anytime soon. The best part, is that Google seemingly does not care for the numbers, let’s make an awesome product that consumers feel good about and let them reinvent the mobile industry the way they see fit.

Keep up the good work Google!

A billion apps downloaded from the Android market, how many of those are installed on your Android?

Sound off below and let us know how many apps you have downloaded from the app market

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