Android App Inventor puts you in the developer’s chair

Some of us are happy with the app selection via our platforms operating system. The selection is great, and the app you’re looking for is usually there for the most part. But what if the app you are thinking of is not in your platforms market, what if the app you’re thinking of has yet to be developed or even thought of. If you have no experience with developing apps, you can spend countless hours reading and who knows how much in finance trying to get it developed. Or you can use Google’s new App Inventor tool and run like the wind is behind you.

So we all know how open the Android platform is. The Android market place is regulated by the users, flagging problems and ranking apps into and out of oblivion. So what’s the next best step, letting the users make the apps of their dreams? Google has announced today the launching of their new toy, called the Android App Developer. The Android App developer is a set of tools that allows the not so app developing inclined to produce applications for the Android platform on the fly. The program is said to have derived from an Open Block program similar or reminiscent to an MIT created program. The App Inventor as you can imagine is still in its beta phase and will most likely be there for awhile before a full working version is issued to the public. Currently however you can indeed take advantage of the app inventor program in its beta form at and be sure to provide your feedback to Google so they can make this program tip top. Within the program there are buttons and “code” for just about anything your Android device can do, from playing clips of sound to accessing GPS.

So game on!

 Go check out the new App Inventor and let us know what type of apps you can dream up.

With this new program the sky is the limit literally.

Will you be using the new Google App Inventor?

Tell us what you think.

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