The Android 4.2 Dell Venue 8 Tablet Show’s Up for its Wi-Fi Physical!


Dell’s Venue 8 tablet running Android Jelly Bean expected soon? Remember Dell? Of course you do. How could one forget one of the largest computer manufacturers in the world! As the smart phone world, and eventually tablet world started to take off Dell joined the market! Moving from desktop’s and laptops to smart phones and tablets was seemingly the next logical step. The company produced the Venue Pro smart Windows Phone and Android variations known as simply the Venue. The company also pumped out the Steak 7 and Streak 5 tablets. Unfortunately, both sets of devices didn’t quite get the lift off the company surely was hoping for. Back in 2011 Dell launched the Streak pro D43 smart phone in China. Most recently however Dell has been going through a buy back from the company’s creator who stated shortly after a successful sale, they would not be interested in making smart phones any longer. Apparently however, tablets are still on the “enterprise focused” table!

Today a new discovery surrounding the companies tablet plans has surfaced to the top of the rumor mill with some solid evidence from the Wi-Fi Alliance. When a new Wi-Fi enabled device goes to make its way to market it needs to be looked over by the heroes at the Wi-Fi Alliance to ensure its Wi-Fi-ability. A device named the Dell Venue 8 has recently been discovered getting its Wi-Fi physical. The certification only suggests the device will have Wi-Fi connectivity, and it also gives the device a name and confirms it is currently running Android version 4.2.2. The name sake of the device easily suggests that the tablet uses an 8 inch screen or something rather close and will put the Venue 8 in direct competition with Apple’s iPad Mini at 7.9 inches and Samsung’s slew of 7 to 8 inch tablets. Recently details of the companies Windows Phone 8.1 tablet has also leaked into the wild and both rumored tablets are expected to be launched around the same time. As the company’s focus has recently been re-directed at ‘enterprise’ we are expecting to see many big business features that would cater to the captain Kirk’s of this world!

Dell is getting back into tablets! Anyone excited? Unusually when one thinks’ of Dell, it starts with affordable computing! Hopefully that translates well into these new Venue 8 devices. For now though if you’re looking for the best in Android accessories we have you covered!

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