Android 2.3 ‘Gingerbread’ Is Almost Here and Google Is Updating Android Market

With the release of Android OS version 2.3 ‘Gingerbread’ just around the corner, Google has been getting ready. Changes to Google apps on some devices have already got some slight tweaks and now Google is revamping its Android Market. The Android operating system has seen its number of available apps explode to the 100,000 range in a relatively short period of time. In comparison, the BlackBerry App World just recently passed the 10,000 app mark and Apple with its head start and multiple devices running iOS has hit the 300,000 mark. Google realizes that Android’s success is secure and now it is time to start focusing on refining the platform and user experience.

Google and Apple have two completely different development styles. Apple, with its tightly controlled iTunes App Store brings out big updates and implements features immediately in a polished form. Google however likes to bring small, consistent updates and refine its software while people actually use it. It’s open source (ish) versus the traditional process of software development. Google has the support of numerous smartphone and tablet manufacturers while Apple goes it alone. Their business models are completely different but their goals are the same: control of the rapidly expanding mobile device market.

Now that Google has its eyes on fixing one of its biggest weaknesses—its app store—expect the number of apps available and the level of professionalism behind them to spike. Since Android ‘Gingerbread’ will bring improvements for tablets running the operating system that was designed with smartphones in mind, some of the changes in Android Market are specifically designed to better support them. The Android tablet market is set to explode as Samsung, Motorola and others start shipping out their tablets to the masses.

Perhaps the biggest addition to the Android Market is the ability for app developers to link a YouTube video of their app in use to their app’s profile in the store. Viola! Free and easy marketing. Google owns YouTube so it is a no-brainer. App developers will also be required to include icons for their apps in a number of additional sizes, to support all the Android tablets coming out with much larger screens than what you’ll find in a smartphone.

Ready for some changes to your Android Market experience? Psyched for Gingerbread and all the Android tablets coming out? Let me know.

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