Android 2.2 users can get full Flash now

If you have been eagerly awaiting your Froyo update to you Android powered device then you are most likely aware that within the Froyo update comes some goodies known as full Flash. What you may have missed is that the Flash Player 10.1 that installs onto your now Froyo capable device is indeed in beta.

A few days back Adobe released the “out of beta” version of their Flash Player onto the likes of the Android flagship device the Google Nexus One.  When seeing the launch of the full version of Flash to the Nexus One most knew it was only a matter of time before it becomes downloadable via the thousands of savvy users online. Well as of yesterday that time has come. If you are rocking a device that runs Android’s delicious Froyo 2.2 you qualify for the likes Flash in its full version. While it is still not official for any other device then the Nexus One the .APK of the full version has been posted on Droid-Life for download. The un-official “official” application can be found very simply by heading on over to DroidLife.Com and downloading the .apk directly to your Froyo enabled device. Root? You don’t need to stinking root. The Flash player update comes to your non-rooted device no problem.

If you have been searching for the Flash player in the market place don’t waste your time, its only going to show up if you are on a Nexus One. But that does not matter at this point as the player is indeed ready to be downloaded, so get your “Unknown Sources” box clicked and check it out. Oh and keep in mind that this is not really “official” until it is announced or published by Adobe. So don’t go crying about what it did to your device after you installed.

Personally I will wait what about you? You rocking the official “unofficial” version of Flash on your 2.2 readied Android?

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