Amazon set to launch an App store for Android devices?

Just recently the announcements of Verizon’s endevour into there own Android app store has caused a commotion in the mobile industry. Arguments start from Android fragmentation and end in the simple fact that the third party app store could very well be a little more tidy and easier to use. While both are valid points, it seems that the folks a little miffed about the continuing fragmentation may get a little bothered by Amazons new plan..

According to TechCrunch.Com, Amazon the multimillion dollar retail site will be launching its own app store for the Android platform. While the details at first were a bit convoluted and unknown, it seems that the sources questioned by TechCrunch were unsure and some were even asked to sign NDA’s about this new something. However, in a matter of a few hours, certain details have emerged. The details as quoted from TechCrunch are as follows.

  • For each sale of an App, we will pay you a royalty equal to the greater of 70% of the purchase price or 20% of the List Price as of the purchase date (70/30 is standard, this 20/80 split is somewhat odd and confusing)
  • The List Price is apparently in place so that you can’t sell your app cheaper on other “similar services” — meaning other app stores, presumably
  • The “similar services” should also include the forthcoming Chrome Web Store, if I’m reading this correctly
  • There is a $99 fee to be a developer in this program (the same as Apple’s iOS developer program)
  • It seems like if your app is available on other platforms, you have to make sure to update it at the same time on Amazon’s store that you do in any other store (this will piss off a lot of developers)
  • Apps will have to be laced with Amazon DRM — meaning they will only work on devices they approve (obviously)
  • Amazon has the right to pull any app for any reason (obviously)
  • Apps can also be shown on (this is up to Amazon)
  • You can offer free apps
  • The app store is U.S.-only (at least for now)
  • This part is interesting too: “We have sole discretion to determine all features and operations of this program and to set the retail price and other terms on which we sell Apps.”

Other detail emerging from the Amazon camp suggests the company is working on a Android based tablet to coincide with this app store. All sounds like it makes sense to me. How about you? Tell me what you think of the new Amazon app store.

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