Amazon Announces their Fire Phone


Amazon’s Fire Phone becomes official! You are likely rather familiar with Amazon and all that they do, but did you know the company just launched a new smart phone? The mega retailer launched their first e-reader Kindle back in 2007 to much fan fare and continues producing the E Ink readers. Right around 2011 the company produced its first multimedia based LCD tablet that did way more than allow for casual reading. The Kindle Fire was born and subsequently spawned a few more variations ultimately leading to the big question…when will we see an Amazon connected Fire Phone? Well folks, the wait is over the Fire Phone is here!

After the launch of the first Fire tablet the only question that remained was, when will we see a Fire Phone? Well folks, the wait is over. Amazon announced their Fire Phone yesterday and confirmed some of the rumors that surrounded the device, mainly its exclusivity to At&t. The Fire phone will be available to Ma’Bell customers for about $200 for a 32 GB version or about $300 for a 64 GB version, this all under a new two year agreement with the carrier. Alternatively the devices would run you about $650 and $750 without a contract. The Fire Phone is what you could easily consider a standard device when it comes to design. The device sports a simple bar design with a flat panel touch screen a few buttons and a couple of cameras. It uses a 4.7 inch touch screen with a mere 720p display and is built over the likes of a quad core 2.2 GHz processor, Adreno 330 GPU and 2 GB of ram. Around back a 13 mega pixel camera with OIS and an f/2.0 lens is ready to snap pictures while four front facing cameras are ready to activate Amazon’s FireFly function that will essentially allow you to ‘buy all the things’ from the company’s retail outlet. Connectivity for the device includes global LTE, Wi-Fi, NFC and Bluetooth while the battery is boasted at offering up 285 hours of standby, up to 22 hours of talk time, 65 hours of audio and up to 11 hours of video.

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