Alcatel and T-Mobile Team Up for the Sparq II

It’s not every day we see a new sliding QWERTY phone hit the scene and while the slider phone still serve their purpose, touch screen keyboards just keep improving and pushing the physical buttons to extinction. The Alcatel Sparq II however is set and seemingly ready to take on a new role at T-Mobile. With this new entry level device, the forth coming Blackberry Q10 and the other keyboard sliders that have entered the fray in the last year or so maybe the QWERTY keyboard is due for a come back?

If the QWERTY keyboard slider is scheduled for a comeback, it’s most likely not going to be singularly on the shoulders of the Alcatel Sparq II. The original Sparq was released in the spring of 2011 and its looks like the Sparq II may release around the same time, of course just two years later. The Alcatel made Sparq II has made its way through the halls of the FCC for its consumer ready go ahead from Uncle Sam. The filing with the FCC does not reveal too much, it does point at a carrier and lets us in on a few details. The filings with the government show that the Alcatel Sparq II is indeed compatible and supported by T-Mobile’s frequency bands and considering the devices history it’s mostly a no brainer where it’s headed. Additional details confirmed by the filing include the Sparq II’s Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities’ while included pictures of the handset confirm a rear facing camera and LED flash. Included in the documentation is a draft version of the user manual which goes on to confirm smaller details including micro SD card support, a web browser, multi media player as well as an FM radio. Additionally a set of stereo earbuds, a wired wall charger, battery and USB cable are all included within the filing, so there is a good chance these things would be included, let’s hope at least the battery right.

The Sparq II is manufactured by Alcatel however; don’t expect to see their name anywhere on the phone. This is indeed a T-Mobile handset. While there is no word from either TMO or Alcatel on the Sparq II it may be safe to assume it’s going to launch very shortly. In the mean time check out all the best in T-Mobile accessories today!

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