Age and Gender Has Some Determination over Smartphone OS Preference

Who you are probably affects your smartphone preferences a lot more than you realized—data from Nielson’s October 2010 Smartphone Operating survey of 9,200 in the US shows that there is a link between someone’s preferred smartphone OS and their age and gender. Those between the ages of 18 and 24 are on average, 35.9% likely to list Apple’s iPhone as their preferred smartphone and operating system. In comparison, those 55 and older are only 26.4% likely to prefer the iPhone. Women also prefer the iPhone at 30.9%, compared to men who only preferred the iPhone as a group at 28.6%.

The margins aren’t big, but they do show a definite shift in customer attitudes based on gender and age. The older someone is, the less likely they are to to prefer either iOS or Android than their younger counterparts and more likely to not be sure which smartphone OS they will choose next. Check out some of the graphs below—the data is certainly interesting:

A chart showing smartphone OS preferences in the US and divided by gender

Why do women prefer the iPhone?

A chart showing smartphone OS preferences in the US and divided by age

The younger you are, the better the chance that you prefer either Android and iOS.

Now factor in the OkCupid poll from way back in August 2010 that claimed iPhone owners have had more sexual partners on average than any other smartphone OS users. The poll found an average of 10 and 12.3 sexual partners (men and women respectively) for iPhone owners in comparison to only 8.1 and 8.8 for the BlackBerry platform and a mere 6 and 6.1 on Android OS. While I’m nowhere near certain that this poll has any validity, it sure is some food for thought. Look at the graph below if you doubt that the poll really came to this conclusion:

A graph displaying a breakdown of average sexual partners by smartphone platform

Are Android users unlucky in love or too busy rooting their phones to care?

Think the polls and surveys have any validity to them? I can write off the poll on sexual partners broken down by smartphone operating systems as nonsense but Nielson’s follows a fairly rigorous survey process (a sample size of 9,200 like the market research company used is a very good start).

Women, do you find the poll results fitting your viewpoint on smartphone operating systems?

How about those below the age of 24 out there—Apple’s iPhone the clear winner?

Let me know how you feel and how you would have responded to these polls and surveys if you had the chance to answer them!

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