Acers Liquid Metal gets a date to dance

Acer is a world renowned laptop maker who is seemingly stepping into the mobile industry. Back in June the Acer “Stream” was spotted and subsequently released with not much of a wave through the industry. So Acer is attempting to through their baby into the wind again with the new Acer Liquid Metal.

Up until recently the Liquid metals mere existence was in question as rumors get pretty large as time goes on. However, the folks over at have been able to confirm the devices due date. An Acer spokes person based out of the UK has let the beans spill saying that will hit shelves at the end of October. Even better than that is the new Acer Liquid Metal will come to the masses the way all new Android phones should, rocking Froyo or Android version 2.2. The comments from the company essentially stop there. However, previously leaked specs on this device are expected to stay with the Liquid Metal. The new Acer phone is said to be packing the same chip as the new T-Mobile G2 that runs at 800MHz. The Liquid Metal allegedly carries 512 MB of RAM and a 3.6 inch WVGA touch screen.

The new Liquid Metal from Acer is surely anticipated by the likes of the mobile community, as if Acer can make high quality laptops, they can surely knock the mobile industry out of the box. Or can they? If you’re interested in what Acer has up there sleeve with this aluminum housed Android device shout out and let us know in the comments.

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