Acer Android Tablet

There is an assortment of iPad clones and supposed competitions appearing left and right these days. Now, it is from another renowned electronics manufacturer, Acer. During an event held in Beijing, Acer CEO and Chairman Gianfranco Lanci presented a device with a 6-7 inch screen.  Only a limited number of details were revealed during this presentation, which made it somewhat difficult to classify whether the device was actually a tablet or an e-book reader.

Referred to as the LumiRead, this device is unlike any other mobile device previously unveiled. The device is currently the only one in existence that has a physical QWERTY keypad, making it appear similar to the e-reader from Kindle. However, the size of the touch sensitive screen made it unlikely that the LumiRead merely function as an e-reader. If it is a tablet and it does do well in the market, it has successfully shattered previous conceptions that tablets should only have a touch screen.

The device is said to be running on an Android OS, although there was no confirmation on which version of the Android OS. According to some spectators, the device appeared to respond well and quickly with touch commands. The device has a flash memory of 2 GB worth with a Micro SD slot for added storage. It is also capable of connecting via Wi-Fi as well as 3G.

During the presentation, Lanci stated that the device will be released before the year ends, around the months of October until December. The timing of the release will make it make it harder for the company to make significant sales as other tablets will also be released around the same time. This presentation from Acer comes just a few days after Dell made its own presentation about their Streak, another Android based tablet. Information about the LumiRead’s retail price or apps was not announced.

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