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The WirelessGround.com Community is an active source for the latest in wireless news, product reviews, and mobile information. Our community is there to fanatically serve all mobile users and enthusiasts.

Sean MacLeod, Community Editor

Sean MacLeod is a native New Yorker with a passion for anything techy! He’s not the biggest geek you have ever met, but he will surprise you with all the tech knowledge he has stored away in his head. As a self-proclaimed DJ and part time audio engineer, Sean brings a different perspective to the mobile world, with a focus on mobile media and its quality. With over four years of experience in the mobile accessories industry, Sean’s knowledge of what the end users need and want makes him an invaluable asset for WirelessGround.com. If you would like to get in touch with Sean shoot him an email at blog@wirelessground.com

Mont Cessna, Chief Contributor

Mont Cessna has been a bit of a technology guru since he found a Commodore C/4 in the trash way way back in the mid 1990s. Having lived in Pennsylvania for most of his life, he currently lives in Philadelphia, where he goes to college. This leaves little free time to pursue his passions, which include writing, hacking hardware, wasting time on the Xbox and programming computers. He as gone through half a dozen phones in the past two years (they all passed away), and thus is always looking to see which new one to snap up since its inevitable that he will be needing a new one soon

Ivan Vasiliev, Contributor

Ivan Vasiliev is is the man, The Myth and The Legend. Ivan is native to the ever cold Moscow, and spends most of his time trying to take over the world (ok were joking). Ivan is very much a mystery to most, but if you spend a second to attempt to understand his madness, you will soon understand he is reaching for something much greater. Ivan’s knowledge in the mobile industry derives mostly from his own knowledge and application development where he is persistently trying to find investors. Ivan’s love for tinkering with his iPhone (which he named Sarah, Land before Time) and attempts at producing quality applications makes him a immense asset for the Wirelessground community’s.

Tim Swanson, Contributor
Tim Swanson is a self proclaimed Android freak out of sunny Miami. On his free time he spends countless hours trying to figure out how to put the Android operating system on everything he comes across, watch out for his Android powered iPad (don’t hold your breath).  If you have an Android question this is the guy to ask. He has an extensive background in web development and likes to let loose on the weekends in his vintage Cris craft! Tim’s background in web development brings a detailed view of mobile browsing and an affinity for improvement, were glad to have him here at the Wirelessground.com communities.

Blake Montgomery, Contributor
Blake Montgomery hails from Los Angeles Ca and can use his Blackberry in ways that would simply surprise most. Blake is an amazingly savvy tech monster when he’s not trying to hack his Blackberry he is on his PS3 playing COD and NBA live. Blake is currently studying to become a web programmer, and has aspirations to further develop YOUR site. With Blake’s knowledge of Blackberry’s and web programming, he is a necessary addition to the Wirelessground staff. Just don’t ask him who his favorite team is (it’s not the Lakers)

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