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White iPhone 4 in action in Vietnam

Here we go again, round seven hundred and thirty eight of the white iPhone 4 rumors. Last week some details surrounding the pending launch of the white iPhone 4 surfaced out of some details from Bloomberg. Before that there was a tweet from a highly ranked Apple official, today we get to see the white ...

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A White iPhone 4 May launch soon

The white iPhone 4 is surely a heavy unicorn in the room. Since the dawn of the iPhone 4 the option for a white iPhone 4 has been held over potential buyer’s heads like a carrot over a racing rabbit. Since the first couple of delays, the white iPhone 4 has always felt just like ...

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White iPhone 4 anyone?

The iPhone 4 is one of the most sought after smart phones on the planet. But where is the promised white iPhone 4? I like to think it was never to be made in the first place, all along Apple yanking the general public’s chain and getting some free press out of it. Just last ...

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White iPhone 4 Delayed until Spring 2011 Now—Anyone Still Waiting for It?

Picture of a white iPhone 4 from Apple

It’s official—Apple’s coveted but surprisingly still missing white iPhone 4 model will not appear in stores until “Spring 2011” according to the company. This information comes courteous not of an official press release or statement by Apple but instead on signs that are starting to appear in Apple Stores. Why the massive delay for the ...

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What White iPhone 4? You May Have to Wait Until the iPhone 5

Yesterday it looked like Apple’s long awaited white model of the iPhone 4 could soon be making an appearance. Apple updated its iOS Apple Store app and the white iPhone 4 made a brief appearance but was not orderable. Now Apple has clarified the issue: No white iPhone until at least spring 2011. The white iPhone ...

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Apple Sort of Drops White iPhone 4 Hint

The white model of Apple’s wildly popular iPhone smartphone series has always been the popular one. For Apple’s new iPhone 4, the white version has been delayed and delayed. It was supposed to come out sometime in July but that date was pushed back and back until there no longer was a date—just some vague ...

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Why No White iPhone 4? Colors Don’t Match

Apple only makes its wildly popular iPhone in two colors: black and white. While the black iPhone 4 model has been out for some time now, the white version has been delayed and delayed. Apple claims manufacturing problems and while a few theories have come out, this might be the most ridiculous yet most believable. ...

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White iPhone 4 Soon? Regular iPhone 4 Models Shipping Quickly Now

Apple is now shipping iPhone 4s to its customers that order online in 5-7 business days. The good news from Apple's website can only mean one thing—the supply and manufacturer constraints that have been keeping one of the world's most popular smartphone models from timely delivery have to have been fixed to some degree. You ...

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Rumor Has it the White iPhone 4 is Delayed Due to Light Leak

Since the white iPhone 4 has been delayed until sometime later this year, a lot of speculation has popped up as to the reason why its initially promised July release has been postponed. Besides the usual assumptions that the delay is due to a real hardware fix being worked on for the iPhone 4’s antenna ...

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White iPhone 4 Delayed Until Later This Year

Apple has decided to delay the launch of its white iPhone 4 model until sometime later this year, despite the company’s initial promise that it would be available sometime in July. Apple is saying that the white smartphones are more difficult to manufacture than expected, which does not make very much sense. How exactly does ...

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White iPhone 4 Coming Soon: Trust Apple Enough to Buy One?

Apple’s white iPhone 4 will ship in the second half of this month. It could possibly hit shelves as soon as July 16th but will most likely appear closer to the end of the month if Apple’s track record for releases proves true. What exactly will this mean for Apple and its sometimes insanely loyal ...

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The iPhone 4G: Black or White?

Until Steve Jobs actually shows the much awaited iPhone 4G at WWDC on June 7 or the Yerba Buena Center for Arts on June 22, the rumors and speculations will continue to flood the Internet. Thus the demand and supply for leaks will continue, much to the joy and dismay of Apple fans. This newest leak ...

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A Pink Samsung Galaxy Note 3 comes to Phones 4U in the UK


A pink Galaxy Note 3 anyone? Do you remember the days when a white smart phone was an amazing feat of awesome? If you were anything like us that thought was followed by a “why not all colors” sentiment. The restrictions that cause smart phone makers to avoid the color spectrum is a mystery. It ...

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Apple Announces the iPhone 5C


Apple has finally announced its long awaited colored iPhone 5C! Rumors and speculation of a cheaper, more affordable, colored iPhone have been lurking around the companies launch dates for quite some time now. For a while now every time a new rumor would spark up about the fate of iPhone, the words polycarbonate plastic and ...

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The LG Nexus 4 Get’s An Official Make Over in White

White Nexus 4

    LG finally announces the White Google Nexus 4. It was many moons ago, back in November of last year when the highly anticipated and awesomely priced LG made Google Nexus 4 hit the market and now some nine months later the company is finally, pushing out their white Nexus 4. While the Nexus 4 is ...

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