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The Kyocera Verve Is a New QWERTY Slider Feature Phone Headed to Sprint, Boost and Virgin


The Kyocera Verve makes its way onto the shelves of Sprint, Boost and Virgin! In the land of milk and honey we are surrounded by amazingly powerful smart phones. Solid aluminum devices like the almighty HTC One and software packed handsets like the GS5 and of course lest not we forget the iPhones! But as ...

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LG Revives the QWERTY Keyboard with the Optimus F3Q


LG’s Optimus P3Q, the Q stands for QWERTY! Remember keyboards? At some point during the dawn of smart phones, the QWERTY keyboard was king. A four or five row keyboard attached to your new device was really the only way to go for most manufacturers. Some of the devices however started to appear in the ...

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The Slider QWERTY LG Enact Gets Official


LG Enact becomes available on Verizon and brings back the QWERTY one more time. The cell phone has gone though many changes since its inception and some of the best designs are still around. The smart phone revolution however changed everything. The introduction of the slate styled smart phone pushed the old flip style designs ...

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Nokia Announces the Asha 210 QWERTY


The Nokia Asha 210 brings the QWERTY back to life! It’s been awhile since we have seen the likes of Nokia’s Asha series handsets rocking a keyboard! The latest iteration of the feature phone came in the form of the touch screen Asha 310. Way back in 2011, right around the same time Nokia was ...

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Blackberry Dev Alpha C Set to Give App’s Back to the QWERTY

A new Blackberry Dev Alpha C give’s developers the keyboard they dream of! If you have been following the recent Blackberry saga, (we forgive you if not) then you would know that the first glimpse of what ultimately became the Z10 was initially a developer only handset. The handset was introduced last year and was ...

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The Pantech Renue Becomes A Feature QWERTY with Ma’ Bell

Good news everybody, a new At&t QWERTY messenger has just reached the for sale shelves. Pantech and At&t seemingly have a solid relationship that has pumped out some pretty awesome entry to mid range devices. The Pantech Renue is no different and hits the scene with a bit of excellence and environment on its mind. ...

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The SGH-T699 Becomes the Samsung Galaxy S Blaze Q….Q Short for QWERTY

In the past years smart phones have become incredibly thin and unfortunately dropped off some of the features we look forward to, like QWERTY keyboards for example. As the smart phone slims out and grows diagonally, room for a tactical keyboard goes by the way side. A few years back for every high end slate ...

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LG’s LS860 Cayenne Provides a QWERTY Option to the LG Viper

A lot of talk lately has been putting Sprint, the Now Network in a pretty bad position, subjectively of course. From standard 3G data speed woes, to the lack of existing LTE functionality, yet LTE phones for sale. Other take stabs at the company taking a long risk on the iPhone, which ultimately help bog ...

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Huawei’s Ascend G312 QWERTY Pegged as the Latest Sliding myTouch Buddy!

  Remember the myTouch series of devices? HTC was the initial T-Mo branded myTouch manufacturer with the myTouch 3G after a few variations and generations shortly thereafter LG took the myTouch helm with their variants. Now it looks to be Huawei’s turn. The myTouch devices are a staple within the T-Mo line up and for good ...

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The Motorola Droid 4 Becomes a super thin QWERTY Reality

During an event at CES this year Motorola’s own CEO Sanjay Jha went on record explaining that Motorola Mobility will be producing fewer phone for the coming 2012 season. With the slip in production the company is said to focus more effort on its marketing, great idea…it works for Apple! But a flagship that will ...

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The Sprint Express is the New 20 Dollar Gingerbread QWERTY

Looks like Sprint is bringing another very affordable smart phone option to the table and that’s good for everyone. As smart phones get smarter the lower end spec’s become more affordable to manufacture and in turn improve the low end market of all mobile phones. What happens then? Well, the whole world ends up with ...

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Motorola’s Admiral Commands a Full QWERTY and a Touchscreen

Need more QWERTY options in your Android lifestyle? Well Motorola has what you need to keep your texts and email’s on point. With the launch of the Droid Pro, Titanium, Spice Key and XPRT you have many choices. When Motorola adds a touch screen to a full QWERTY keypad you get the best of both ...

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Samsung Stratosphere to be Big Red’s first LTE QWERTY?

  Samsung is continuing its never ending quest for mobile world dominance with the launch of their latest LTE QWERTY. The company has been continuously pushing out new devices and it seems that their quest is underway…no matter what Apple has to say about it. Verizon has voided their opportunity to pick up the new Galaxy ...

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At&t’s Galaxy S II QWERTY Option Spotted

  To further confirm that the time is upon us a new leak of an Americanized Samsung’s Galaxy S II has made its way into the fray. Early last week the world got a glimpse of what is said to be Sprint’s version of the Samsung Galaxy S II which is rumored to be called the ...

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New HTC Android QWERTY Slider headed to Verizon

Wash rinse and repeat. The pictures of this new HTC device slated for Verizons network instantly remind me of the “Droid” movement. When the original Droid via Motorola released is was not shortly after when HTC had their chance to shine on Big Red with the Droid Incredible. Fast forward a year or so, and ...

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