New 9800 Torch Promotional Video Might Make You Salivate

The all new BlackBerry 9800 Torch is slated to go on sale August 12th, and Research In Motion (RIM) has produced a new promotional video that will certainly whet your appetite for it. A lot of the main selling features of BlackBerry OS 6 are seen of course. Until we see the next generation of BlackBerry devices, OS 6 is going to invariably linked to the Torch. That may or may not be a good thing. OS 6 brings RIM strongly back into the smartphone game, but the Torch might not be best device to showcase what it can really do.


What do you think of the video? Wish it showed more of the social feeds that are now integrated into the new OS? How about RIM’s choice of actors? Why are no teenagers or younger adults using this thing? C’mon RIM, you need to sell more units to people who do not use their BlackBerrys for work. Or how about those video and camera options that OS 6 now has? Why not try to get some senior citizens onto the BlackBerry boat as well by showing off that if you have a Torch, then carrying around both a cell phone and a point and shoot camera to catch those special moments with your grandchildren is no longer necessary.

Another video that has also emerged might be the one that runs on these screens seen in some of the BlackBerry monolith displays that have popped up at some AT&T stores in preparation of the Torch’s launch. Check it out below.

This video does a better job of showing that the Torch can be sexy. Everyone loves having multimedia on the go now. Showing that the new BlackBerry can offer a media experience similar to the iPhone’s should be at least a mention in more of RIM’s promotional materials. Why did everyone want the first iPhone? Because it was a phone and an iPod in one.

Excited by what you see?

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