Blackberry 9800 Slider update

In the last month or so we have seen pictures, and ran with rumors about the upcoming Blackberry 9800slider. It seems that the monster has leaked a little more, the Blackberry slider has been spotted in new picks as of today, posted by These spy pictures are showing off the new highly anticipated Webkit Browser that should be avalible here sometime in the near future, and not much more.

The leaked pictures are showing off the new Webkit browers running 100% Acidtest3, this is a considerable note as by comparison, Android 2.0’s browser  only scores 93 out of 100.  Most all Blackberry users have been waiting on a Webkit Browser upgrade, and with a test result at 100% I think that all that is expected from the Blackberry user should be in this update. The pictures go on to show the info page of the Blackberry 9800 slider, and it is boasting an unreleased 6.0 operating systems, additional pictures gives a simple screen shot of what 6.0 looks like on the Blackberry 9800.

The Blackberry 9800n slider has a full QWERTY keyboard and touch screen, most that are interested are surely hoping RIM does not use there ever unpopular sure press touch screen technology. We are all hoping that the full keyboard will eliminate the need for the sure press technology as most texting or “typing” rather will be done from the keyboard.

Blackberry usually tends to stay pretty well inside of their design cues, and I think that the new 9800 slider is taking them a little outside of their own box if you will. However most that are following Blackberry know that as long as that fancy new Webkit Browser and Operating System continue to get updates, the hardware at that point is irrelevant.

Are you buying into the hype? Is Blackberry leaking this info on purpose? Let us know what you think of the new Blackberry 9800 slider.

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