8GB iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 set to launch the end of September

Is this the 8GB iPhone 4 that was spotted a few weeks back? I think so!

So what’s a month without a bit of iPhone rumor right. Today the next generation iPhone’s get a new batch of rumors thanks to some over analyzing analysts! Which could very well be right! The iPhone as popular as it is suffers from a certain stigma that ships with its price tag, it’s too damn expensive to fit into the low or mid range price point. Android on the other hand has many entry level smart phones that give end users the Android experiecnec on the cheap, of course after they realize the iPhone is not for them, based on price or what have you. But what if there was a mid ranged iPhone? What happens then?

iPhone 5 ? Or as i call it the iPhone Pro!

In has been just over a year since the original iPhone 4 was announced and since then the rumors have been flying surrounding the iPhone 5. However this goes around is turning up to be slightly different then iPhone launches of years past and it is confusing all the fortune tellers. With a year of leaks and rumors it seems that there will be two new iPhones this year and the introduction of a low to mid range device to fill that void we were talking about earlier. Reuters is dropping the bombs today about Apple’s iPhone plans. The global new agency is not dropping names but mentions their back channel sources and super spys are reporting that Apple will be dropping a slightly redesigned 8GB iPhone 4 toward the end of September. The flash memory found in these new iPhone was made by Toshiba and Apple’s BFF Samsung. To further perpetuate the iPhone hype the source is also stating that the iPhone 5 will not launch in early October like earlier reports suggested but rather a late September release presumably alongside the iPhone 4S as I like to call it. According to the source the new iPhone should see a slight bump in screen size, an 8 mega pixel shooter and a better designed/built antenna.

Here’s to hoping for a slightly larger screen and…well that’s about it for me. What types of features would you like to see in the iPhone 4S or iPhone 5? Does the 8GB mid ranged iPhone sound like a deal to you? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think. Oh yea, I almost forgot that you can check out all the iPhone accessories you will ever need here.

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