8 Million iPhones to Sell This Quarter Alone?

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According to UBS analyst Maynard Um, Apple could sell 8 million iPhones this quarter alone. That enormous estimate was helped by the fact that in the first the days of its availability, Apple’s iPhone 4 has sold 1.7 million units.  Seizing on the momentum, Apple has rolled out its international releases of the popular smartphone much quicker than it has in the past. Unlike previous iPhone releases, international sales will make their mark on the same quarterly results that the domestic launch will.

While the iPhone 4 launch has had its share of problems, like reception issues, screen yellowing issues, and even some swapped buttons, demand remains enormous for the phones. Apple has not appeared to lean away from the aggressive launch either, despite the glitches. Troubleshooting articles for the iPhone 4 have been updated already, Apple CEO Steve Jobs has been quoted as saying that the reception issue is a “non-issue” and the Inquirer.net has reported that indeed a piece of sticky tape can fix it. So where does that leave us exactly?

Apple wants to stop Google Android OS powered touch-screens from becoming the norm (it is all about advertisement revenue). Oh, and those BlackBerrys in international markets need to face some competition (RIM sales have started to fall overseas). The smartphone market is young; Apple wants to make sure that it enters the next phase of the smartphone development evolution at the top.

Now we have MacBooks, iPhones, iPads, and iPods. All of these devices run on Apple’s OS X platform. What exactly are you up to over there Apple?

Many of the 8 million iPhones that will be flying off the shelf in the next three months will be upgrades of course. However, defectors come with every new phone and even the once king of mobiles—Nokia—seems like a flailing leviathan that may never resurface.

The good news for Apple’s competitors is that international markets are ripe and ready for the smartphone craze and most have not yet bought iPhones. The bad news for Apple’s competitors is that the United States has such as large influence over the world via its media, that by the time everyone lines up to buy a smartphone, they may all be in line for the iPhone.

Apple trying to take over the world? Evil Empire references to use against Apple now? Or are you sick already of the iPhone 4 hype?

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