An 8” HD Samsung Tablet set to Debut at IFA?

Galaxy_Note_8.0Is an 8 inch HD Galaxy Tab in the works? Samsung is on a world tour with the Galaxy in their hand and seemingly cannot be stopped. With their latest GS4 and loads of tablets, new color options to older models and the promise of the forth coming Note III, Samsung’s dominance knows no bounds. While the Galaxy devices slowly kick the iPhone right in the market share, it’s now rumored that Samsung is prepping a new tablet to compete with the inevitable iPad Mini Retina. While the new high res iPad mini is not set in stone, it’s safe to assume its existence as the rumors don’t lie…do they?

Samsung has recently announced an 8 inch Galaxy Note tablet  that according to new details may see an upgrade in the resolution department. According to Sam Mobile a dedicated Samsung technologies blog the company is currently pounding away at a new 8 inch tablet that is said to come packing a 1920×1200 pixel resolution. Comparably, the expected iPad Mini Retina is expected to offer a 2048×1536 pixel resolution. Samsungs new HD tablet is expected to be announced at IFA in Berlin, approximately 162 days from now. The new 8 inch slate will use AMOLED technologies to pull off the feat and will only be the second Samsung tablet to use the premium LED panels. The new 8 inch slate is expected to run with Android version 4.2, or possibly Android 5.0 out of the gate and come with at the very least a quad core chip set. While specifics on the tablet are nil at this point its expected announcement is could come along with the highly anticipated Note III and Galaxy Tab 3, both of which are expected to use HD screens. So all we can do at this point is hold our breath, until more details emerge.

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