5 Inches of Android for only Fifty Bucks?

mogu s1


A fifty dollar 5 inch Android phone you’ll most likely never see. Since its inception Android has spread around the world like wild fire! Mostly because it provides an awesome user experience, but also because it is an open source operating system that most any manufacturer can pop on their handset and tinker around. Because of this Android has spawned a host of devices that range from the super high end, to the lowest of low and then there’s devices like this Mogu S1 phone. The S1 brings low end prices to a seemingly high end design with entry level specs.

The 5 inch smart phone has been slowly taking over the mobile world. When the concept was first introduced no one thought it would last, but it has and screen sizes are just getting bigger, but until now the 5 inchers never seemed to get cheaper. Chinese manufacturer Mogu has produced what is being dubbed the cheapest 5 inch smart phone to date! The device, for what it’s worth is $48 bucks! The Mogu S1 is said to be designed around Samsung Galaxy language and it shows. While the outside may look and even feel like a Galaxy, it falls pretty short when poking around inside. The S1 comes with a 5 inch WVGA touch screen that will offer up an 800×480 pixel resolution, a single core 1 GHz CPU, a 2000 mAh battery, a 2 mega pixel camera with LED flash, a VGA quality front facing camera, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS. The version of Android it is running is unknown, however like anyone reading or even reporting this, would it really matter?

Anyone looking for a spare Android phone for back up? This looks to be a perfect option; I mean its only fifty bucks, no need to ensure this one. This does beg a question though. When do you think we will start to see 5 inch devices in the budget section of our smart phone arena? Would a larger company like Samsung or LG make an amazingly low end device with a super sized screen? Sound off below and let us know what you think and before you jet, be sure to check out all the best in Android accessories here.

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