4G on iOS for Cheap

Clear has just released a complimentary product for your iOS-powered devices that gives them the power of mobile 4G WiMax network speeds. How does it do it? By offering a mobile hotspot that only lets iPhones, iPod touches and iPads onto the Wi-Fi network it produces. Called the iSpot, it only costs $25 a month for unlimited data usage. Since AT&T has now stopped offering new unlimited data plans, this might be just the tool you are looking for to satiate your massive data requirements.

The iSpot supports up to eight connected devices at once, and its battery lasts for a solid four hours of use. Password protection and encryption are also standard of course, and the company claims that it works at up to 150 feet. With its small size, it can even fit in your pocket.

It appears that Clear has decided to enforce its iOS device only police by using MAC addresses. MAC addresses are specific code numbers that network devices use to identify themselves to the router they are using. This prevents the wrong computer being sent the wrong data when more than one is connected to a Wi-Fi or traditional wired network. Spoofing a MAC address is a relatively painless task, which leads to the possibility of hacking around and using this device with your laptop or another smartphone. Of course, read your terms of service agreement if you do decide to do this with the iSpot.

If you need a way to use your iOS-powered devices on the go, or keep hitting your monthly data cap limit, then by all means, check out the iSpot from Clear. It certainly is an interesting concept and works quite well. Drop a comment and let me know what you think of this nifty little device and if it interests you.

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