300,000 iOS Apps in the iTunes App Store

Since the last time anyone checked, Apple’s iTunes App Store has increased its offerings by approximately 50,000 to a total of more than 300,000 apps. The split between paid and free apps is about two to one. Nearly a thousand new apps are appearing on a daily basis. The iPhone 4 is selling amazingly well and the iPad has been making headlines for ‘cannibalizing’ netbook sales. With all this success that Apple is having, can anyone catch up?

Google’s Android Market has about 100,000 apps of its own—a pretty good number considering it is younger than the iTunes App Store. Research In Motion’s (RIM) BlackBerry App World is still languishing at around 10,000. While Android might be able to catch up eventually (it certainly looks like it has the potential to), the BlackBerry’s app future has been muddied.

RIM will be releasing its tablet—the BlackBerry PlayBook—with a whole new operating system. QNX’s BlackBerry Tablet OS is even expected to eventually find its way onto all BlackBerry smartphones in the near future. The Storm 4 being developed right now by RIM for sale early next year and is rumored to run the new OS like the tablet will. RIM can hardly get anyone to build apps for it now and is going to completely change the way its operating system works. Long story short? Why would anyone build apps for the BlackBerry when they will be possibly unable to work in the pretty near future? Hopefully the rumors that the new Tablet OS will be able to run a virtual Android machine inside of it and thus Android apps are true. Google might have a thing or two to say about it though.

While 300,000 apps on iTunes is a huge milestone, expect the number to keep rising. Developers might complain that their apps don’t get noticed because the market is too saturated. Whatever. Advertise it maybe? People download and buy things they want. Just because some apps get pulled because they don’t sell doesn’t mean Apple is unfair. It means the app getting pulled is underperforming. The more competition, the better the apps we get.

Let me know what you think. How long will it take Android Market to catch up to Apple’s offerings? Does RIM’s App World even have a chance anymore? Ever look for an app to do something but not able to find what you want? That’s what the comments section is for—your opinions and feelings.

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