2011 Will Be the Year of NVIDIA Tegra 2 Powered Android Tablets

Picture of NIVIDA's coming dual-core, Tegra 2 processor chipset

Can you wait to see this processor everywhere next year?

At least five smart phone or tablet manufacturers will be using NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 chipsets in their devices in 2011. That’s according to DigiTimes and most of the manufacturers the website lists as Tegra 2 users for 2011 have already announced plans to use the chips. Motorola will be releasing at least two smart phones with Tegra 2 processors inside (the Motorola Etna and Olympus) along with a tablet. Acer and Asus have also stated that they will use Tegra 2 chips in their tablets next year. That just leaves Samsung and Toshiba as the only two that haven’t said they’ll be going the NVIDIA route.

Why NVIDIA’s Tegra 2? That’s simple. The dual-core processor runs at 1 GHz, offers heat and power consumption reduction and can output in 1080p HD. NVIDIA has brought its ‘A’ game to the table and even has the Tegra 3 and 4 in development already. The company has demonstrated time and time again how it understands processor architecture as well if not better than anyone else. Oh, and the T2 has a graphics processor on board from the company as well to make those 3D games pop.

According to semiconductor analyst Ambrish Srivastava from BMO Capital Markets, NVIDIA’s Tegra chips will find themselves in Samsung’s Galaxy series of smart phones and tablets next year as well. In fact, NVIDIA’s CEO has already said that Samsung was among his company’s most important partners. Who wants a Tegra 2 powered Samsung Galaxy S with Android 2.3 ‘Gingerbread’? I do. Besides just Samsung though, LG and Motorola have also been confirmed as important partners to NVIDIA.

2011 has already been given the title of the year of the dual-core smart phone. Now that NVIDIA has shown its cards, expect the manufacturers to follow suite. The big question is, will Apple—who likes to custom design its own processors—follow into the world of dual-core or try to eke out more performance from its current processor architecture with a single core?

Let me know if you think dual-core processors from NVIDIA will be the big sales motivator next year for the Android platform or will NFC payment technologies find a place?

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