100 Million iPhones

Apple might have 100 million handsets in use by the end of 2011, according to a report by PCWorld. That enormous projection is based off data provided by Katy Huberty, a Morgan Stanley analyst. It’s not as crazy as you might think. Apple already had 600,000 preorders for the iPhone 4 within the first 24 hours it was available to do so. But even though the iPhone 4 looks like an amazing machine, what exactly is going to push all of those sales? There are already plenty of phones coming out that boast similar specs.

Well, Huberty thinks that because the original iPhone or the 3G model (not the current 3GS), accounts for more half of all iPhones in use, users will be upgrading in droves to get the multitasking features available through Apple’s iOS 4. The 3GS will be able to multitask like the iPhone 4 when it gets the operating system update, but the original iPhone and iPhone 3G will be left out due to those mysterious “hardware limitations” Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs is always talking about. Of course, the iPhone 4 is going to be sporting 512MB of RAM, so the multitasking experience on it is going to be superior to anything that would have been possible on the two oldest models, both of which have a debilitating 128MB of RAM.

The most amazing part of the whole thing is that Huberty believes that a total of 42 million iPhones could be sold by the end of this year. Can Apple even keep up with demand that high? While hopefully we won’t see any acts of violence from angry customers trying to get their hands on a new iPhone 4 (I’m thinking some of that PlayStation 3 nonsense), there may be delays if the smartphone proves to be as popular in the long run as people think it will be.

Apple is the master of high tech marketing and keeps delivering impressive phones that actually do match all of the hype. Just think of how many phones Apple will sell if those mysterious rumors of CDMA iPhones for Verizon’s network pan out. Many customers have been disappointed by AT&T’s network and its limitations and having an alternative carrier could do a lot to push even more sales. iPhone domination anyone?

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