A 10 Inch Samsung Galaxy Tab in the works

 Samsung is in the midst of dropping their Galaxy Tab. The Android running tablet is set to launch stateside in the coming weeks and the verdict is surely not in yet if it will be a hit. The Galaxy Tab that is on its way is a 7 inch monster that can indeed fit into your pocket, given its size however, some say the device is not comparable and cannot necessarily compete with the Apple iPad. However, some new information surrounding the Galaxy Tab says that will change in the near future.

In a small report about the carriers that will be selling the Galaxy tab, posted by siliconrepublic.com a bit of information about a 10 inch version surfaces. The manager of Samsung Mobile Ireland Gary Twohig, has let the cat out of the bag stating a 10 inch version of the Galaxy Tab is indeed on its way. The 10 inch variation can be seen in the first half of 2011, the 10 incher will be equipped with Android and will pack a V8 JavaScript engine. The 10 inch Galaxy tab will undoubtedly be shipping with Gingerbread or Honeycomb. It stands to reason that the 10 inch variation was delayed as it is surely waiting on a more optimized OS. Sounds fun!

So while we wait on more details of the 7 inch tablet, you know pricing and availability. We have to ponder on the 10 inch version. Are you interested in a 10 inch version of the tablet? Or does the pocket-able 7 inch suit your needs? If they are making a 10 inch Galaxy Tab, do you think it could complete with the iPad, assuming the price is right?

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