1.5+ Million WP7 Smart Phones Sold and Counting

Windows Phone 7 logo with WP7 device screenshotMore than 1.5 million smart phones running Microsoft’s new mobile operating system—Windows Phone 7—have been sold so far. That is a very surprising number considering how little faith most (including me) have had in Microsoft’s ability to launch a successful mobile OS. These 1.5+ million phones running WP7 have only had a little over eight weeks internationally and six weeks domestically to achieve these numbers. Of course, they are downright laughable compared to the kinds of numbers that big boys like Apple and RIM have been managing to pull off on a quarterly basis( 14+ million each) lately but still a very positive sign.

To be honest, I had really expected Microsoft’s numbers to come in at more like the half a million mark. Between all of the problems surrounding Dell’s Venue Pro (one of only 5 release models) and the limited, two carrier release of WP7 so far (AT&T and T-Mobile) in the U.S., things looked kind of bleak. Never underestimate the power of Microsoft or its ability to spend advertising dollars until someone buys its stuff.

WP7 still does not have copy and paste but that is scheduled for a hefty January update that is being described as basically service pack 1 in desktop Windows speak. After copy and paste, better GPS navigation and some vital features for developers make their way into WP7 (the later will appear in a February update), the sales numbers should start climbing at a faster rate. Verizon selling WP7 smartphones next year should certainly help as well. Of course, with the Verizon iPhone expected early next year, many Big Red customers might be thinking “WP7 who?

One factor certainly helping WP7 device sales is apps and developer support. Between the 18,000 developers currently working on apps—that number is from Achim Berg, VP of business and marketing for Windows Phones—and the 4,000+ plus apps available worldwide already, things are looking pretty good. Two months on the market and WP7 is already giving RIM’s BlackBerry and Palm’s smart phones a run for their money as far as app numbers are concerned. Of course, between Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android, there are 400,000+ apps out there so WP7 still has a long ways to go. Things are looking up though.

Surprised by Microsoft’s sales figures? Did anyone expect WP7 to sell so well? Can Microsoft keep this up? Are we seeing the rise of a fourth major smartphone platform? (Sorry Palm, but until your market share climbs back into something that is visible on on a graph, I’m not counting you.)

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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